DNN for hydraulic-fractured well

We are beyond thrilled to share another important milestone that represents a groundbreaking leap in shale development. We’ve successfully developed the world’s first-ever fracture model using deep neural network technology. This is not just a development, it’s a revolution in how we design, model, and predict fracture performance.
Our journey started with an ambitious idea: to blend the realms of artificial intelligence and hydraulic fracture mechanics. We wanted to harness the computational power of deep learning to deliver more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. After countless hours of research, development, and testing, we’ve accomplished this ambitious goal.
Our model leverages the immense potential of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) which has already brought significant transformations in numerous sectors. By implementing this technology, we have enhanced our capabilities to predict and understand fracture behavior under various conditions.  
Real-world data has been used to validate the technology. Our journey doesn’t stop here. We will continue to refine our model, seeking to reach new horizons of accuracy and efficiency. Welcome to contact us to try it out.